Android 13 DP2 is out now, giving Pixels another glimpse at upcoming changes

Available for the Pixel 4 and later


The second and presumably last Android 13 Developer Preview release is now rolling out, following the promised monthly cadence for these early releases. Google has highlighted a handful of changes in this release, like the new notification permission, better text wrapping and line heights for some languages, and Bluetooth LE Audio support, but it’s likely other changes are still hiding deeper inside. Phones already on Android 13 DP1 should be getting an OTA update to the new release soon, and images are now available for manual installation for the Pixel 4 and later.

Android 13 notification permission

The new notification permission screen.

We’ve known about the new notification permissions in Android 13 since last year (we even saw them in action exclusively earlier this year), but it sounds like they’re live as of DP2, and developers can start to update and test their apps against it. A new API also offers downgradable permissions for apps that want to better respect customer privacy when they no longer need access to something.


Japanese text will wrap better in Android 13 DP2, and non-Latin scripts (as in: languages ​​that don’t use the letters similar to those you’re reading here) will be clipped less often and positioned better. If you’re used to using phonetic inputs for your language (like Japanese or Chinese), Android 13 DP2 also has a new text conversion API to make input faster.

Right: Improved text wrapping in Japanese. Right: reduced clipping in non-Latin scripts.

There’s also support for color vector fonts, with system emoji now updated to use the newly supported format for fast and sharp rendering, and Bluetooth LE Audio support for improved battery life when playing audio on supported devices.

Developers are encouraged to start compatibility testing for API changes and deprecated features now. App compatibility changes can still be tested individually courtesy of that titled section in Developer Options.

As usual, if you didn’t already jump on Android 13 DP1, you’ll have to install DP2 manually to check it out. Until Google switches things over to beta in April, it’s intentionally not a simple process — though who knows what will happen with the Android Beta Program then, now that Google is also simultaneously testing Quarterly Platform Releases with it.


We have an easy guide for how to install the Android 13 Developer Previews if you need it. However, we strongly recommend against installing any of the Developer Previews on a “daily driver” phone since these early builds can have issues. Don’t install it if you aren’t comfortable troubleshooting issues independently if and when things go wrong.

We aren’t sure what other new features might be lurking inside Android 13 DP2, but keep an eye on our upcoming coverage for more information as changes are dug up.

You can download the new developer preview release at Google’s site, with images available for the Pixel 4 series, Pixel 4a series, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, and Pixel 6 series.

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