Turn-based RPG Whalefall announced for ‘major consoles,’ PC

Publisher and developer Whitethorn Games has announced turn-based RPG whalefall for “major consoles” and PC (Steam). A Kickstarter campaign to fund the game’s development is now live.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


Set in the ancient world of Osfeld, whalefall is set in an original fantasy universe where roving gentle beasts roam the skies. Once every century, a whale’s life naturally comes to an end, and they fall gracefully to the ground in the Baleen Wastes, where conflict soon ensues over their valuable remains.

This time is different. The Stoneshield Legion, in a vain attempt to restore the long lost Iron Chain Empire and sixteen control of all of Osfeld have taken matters into their own hands. The evil Queen Lucretia and her Stoneshield Engineers have, with the help of the Faceless, engineered a massive bloodstone cannon and shot down a Skywhale, unthinkable!

The cataclysm of the crashing beast plunges Osfeld into chaos and thrusts Coty, a young recruit, into an impossible situation as head of the Riverwatch Forces, the last remaining holdout of the Skygazer Nations—previously living in peace among the bison farms.

Recruit friends, make enemies, build romances, fight, level, customize, and explore your way through a three-act, full length indie JRPG from Whitethorn Games, and put an end to the tyranny of the Stoneshield Legion!


whalefall‘s squad-based small-environment combat takes the form of a traditional Japanese role-playing game (JRPG). Turn-based combat, move selection, character equipment, leveling, and customization will feel familiar to fans of the genre, while being approachable to those who have never played one. We tried to balance the approachability and ease of use of Paper Mario with the dynamic and vivacious camera movements and tense fights of Bravely Default. A unique preparation system rewards strategic thinking and anticipation of enemy movements over simply using the strongest abilities!


When diplomacy fails and military strength is required, it’s time to roll out the Riverwatch Forces. Commanding armies means moving groups of units around on a hex-based battlefield in order to rout the enemy forces, capture a fort, or simply defend Riverwatch. We tried to blend the tactical and territorial depth of Fire Emblem with the suspenseful, tense moments of the Suikoden series.

Visual Novel

It wouldn’t be a Whitethorn game if you couldn’t smooch, and in that regard we’ve packed Whalefall to the gills with a fully fleshed visual-novel inspired story, featuring over ten hours of fully-voiced dialogue across a cast of more than two-dozen unique characters. Visit the tavern and make friends to build your relationships as with games like Fire Emblem while simultaneously learning more about the characters through in-level and in-cutscene banter from games like Bravely Default. Uncover the three-act story of the bloodstone cannon destroying the sky whales and make both friends and enemies along the way.

Other Features

Along the way you’ll discover…

  • Rentals – Visit over 30 unique, hand-modeled locations spanning the continent of Osfeld with an art style reminiscent of Lost Sphear and Bravely Default.
  • Breeds – Meet the diverse races that call Osfeld home, from the avian warrior-clan Korvil to the reclusive and intelligent Moldoon, and maybe even a talking tomato or two.
  • characters – Featuring a dozen fully-voiced, interactable, playable, romanceable characters, as well as a host of other NPCs and support staff that fill out the game’s massive cast.

Watch the announcement trailer below.

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