Temper Your Enthusiasm for Huge Week of PlayStation News

Update: Well, well, well. As the infamous WaddleDeeKnows taught us recently, always consider pumping the brakes before you buy into the latest Twitter rumour. After huge hype on social media over the weekend – and throughout the morning, too – Kinda Funny Games host Greg Miller has ever so slightly walked back his tweet about impending PlayStation news.

For those who haven’t followed the context, Miller said on Sunday that he’s delaying recording podcast PS I Love You until later because it “might be a very interesting week for PlayStation if even one of the three rumors I’ve heard is true”. This, understandably, blew up, as it followed a Bloomberg article on Friday about Sony’s rumored Project Spartacus subscription. Miller confirmed that one of the three rumors is related to Project Spartacus, but it’s unclear how much he knows beyond the aforementioned Bloomberg article.

To be fair to Greg, his enthusiasm was picked up by a number of “insiders”, all of whom have been fueling the flames. But Miller clarified during livestream Kinda Funny Games Daily that this may not be seismic news for everyone, and the rumors he’s heard aren’t necessarily all connected. Unfortunately, we’re still dealing in cryptic statements.

“One of the [rumours] is my [kinda] thing and I will know momentarily [if it’s true], that I can assure you,” he explained. “I don’t want to go into why I would know momentarily. I know that something today is happening that would then tell me a little bit. And I don’t know what I’ll be able to say publicly, but I can say things privately to you if it turns out that it’s embargoed.”

So yes, it does sound like there is meaningful stuff afoot, but it’s not worth getting excited about until we have a firmer picture of what everyone’s talking about. For the record, we did some digging earlier today and weren’t able to get a clear idea of ​​what so-called “insiders” are referring to. That doesn’t mean nothing is happening – but it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s being discussed here when people are speaking in such vague and ambiguous terms.

Original Story: Rumors of a huge week for PlayStation are really beginning to pick up pace across the web, largely fueled by a recent Bloomberg report that said Sony could unveil Project Spartacus at some point over the next seven days. For those totally out of the loop, this revamped subscription service aims to combine PS Plus and PS Nowoffering multiple paid tiers with various benefits.

So where’s all the new hubbub coming from? From what we can tell, much of the hype is being generated by an intriguing Greg Miller tweets. Over the weekend, Miller wrote: “Man, looking like it might be a VERY interesting week for PlayStation if even one of the three rumors I’ve heard is true. As such, we’re gonna delay recording PS I Love You XOXO until Thursday.”

Obviously Miller is a man in the know, and the delay of his PS I Love You XOXO podcast lends a lot of additional weight to the rumors that something is going down in the coming week. What’s more, Miller’s hint at “three” rumors suggests that Sony might have plans that go beyond the aforementioned Project Spartacus. Maybe a State of Play is heading our way? We’ll soon find out.

Now, we know what some of you may be thinking: rumors with regards to PlayStation happen all the time, and it’s usually social media “insiders” chasing clout. But when it’s Bloomberg, Greg Miller, and a few other trusted sources all suggesting that something’s probably happening, we tend to think that it’s worth paying attention.

What do you think could be in store for PlayStation this week? Go wild with ridiculous predictions in the comments section below.


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