The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Blinded By Love During The Moon Opposite Mercury On May 15, 2022

Oh, how easy it is to be blinded by love, and if you haven’t already experienced it in this life, don’t worry — it’s coming for you one way or another.

Why do people become blinded by love? Because love holds the fantasy of having all of our problems erased.

Yes, we get into the mindset that if this person is as magical and mystical as they appear to be, then they must be able to magically rid us of all our woes.

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But there’s a far worse scenario that can happen when we allow ourselves to be blinded by love and that’s when we start to deny that another person is doing us wrong.

And that’s what’s in store, on May 16, during Moon opposition Mercury.

Cheating spouses get a pass during this time because those who are being cheated on can’t admit that this is happening and so they let it slide because they are blinded by love.

Abusive partners get away with acts of violence because the abused are so blinded by love that they can’t see what’s right before their eyes.

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