Avelo halts flights from Loveland’s Northern Colorado Regional Airport

Seven months after Avelo brought its fledgling airline to Northern Colorado Regional Airport, the low-cost carrier announced it will suspend service to Las Vegas and Burbank, California.

Avelo Airlines blamed the suspension on rising fuel and supply costs. Its last flight to Las Vegas will be June 16. Its last flight to Burbank will be June 24.

The suspension is a blow to the airport owned by the cities of Fort Collins and Loveland, which revealed in the return of commercial air service after a long absence.

“While we recognize that airlines must make difficult choices, this news is disappointing to us and we know that it is also disappointing to those who choose to fly from FNL,” said Airport Director Jason Licon.

FNL is the airport designation used by pilots.

“Flights from FNL to Burbank and Las Vegas continue to be very popular, proving that local passengers desire commercial air service from our location,” Licon said.

Avelo, which celebrated its first 100 days of Northern Colorado flights in late March, also touted their success and was looking forward to adding new routes.

Avelo CEO Andrew Levy told the Coloradoan then that flights to Burbank/Hollywood were increasing and travel to Las Vegas had been a good bet.

Northern Colorado Regional Airport ground crews guide an Avelo Airlines' Boeing 737-700 for takeoff at the Northern Colorado Regional Airport on Oct. 6, 2021. Avelo, which began flying from the airport that month, is suspending flights from Northern Colorado to Las Vegas and Burbank, California, in June.

About 6,000 customers, or about 430 per week, had flown the twice-a-week route in its first 100 days, he said.

December was good, January was not, February was better and March was excellent as March Madness and spring break drew heavy air travel to Las Vegas and Burbank, he said.

“While this news is unfortunate, it doesn’t change our airport’s commitment to making travel more accessible through investment and innovation,” Licon said. “We recognize that Northern Colorado travelers are looking for convenience and value and want the public to know that we will continue to seek this from other potential service providers.”

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