Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Both Share Their Side Of The Story, But What’s Next In The Defamation Trial As The Jury Weighs Its Decision?

For the past six weeks, Johnny Depp’s $50 million defamation trial has remained a viral case, as over 100 hours of testimonies have been delivered in the Virginia court and broadcast on CourtTV. Following riches of information from Depp and his lawyers on his side of the story and Amber Heard’s defense, a seven-person jury is tasked with coming to a unanimous decision regarding whether Heard defamed the Pirates star. So what happens next?

The jury will continue to deliberate on the case after the holiday weekend, this Tuesday at Fairfax County Circuit Court after hearing closing arguments from both sides this past Friday. In order to come to a decision, the jury will follow step-by-step instructions on a verdict form that include them weighing seven questions regarding The Pirates of the Caribbean star’s assertion that his ex-wife damaged his reputation through her 2018 op-ed.

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