How’s your Pixel 6 case holding up?

Is it looking as good as day one, or could it use some love?

It’s no secret that the market for third-party Android cases can be lacking. There are plenty of options for Samsung fans, but your choices start to shrink once you’re looking for a protective shell for a less popular device. That’s why a lineup of great first-party cases is so important these days — and why poor quality can make it challenging to bring buyers onboard. This week, the internet blew up after viral photos showed Google’s latest Pixel cases aging about as poorly as you’d hope from a $30 accessory.

The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro represented the first time Google didn’t offer a fabric case for its flagship devices since the original phone shipped in 2016. It should come as no surprise that we were big fans of the company’s old cases, even lamenting their demise with the arrival of this year’s eco-friendly cases. Google’s official accessories for the Pixel 6 series look more like any random third-party offering you’d find on Amazon, right down to the semi-transparent TPE shell.


Even if it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, it offered a stylish pairing with the Pixel 6’s unique color lineup, allowing fans to mix and match. Unfortunately, seven months later, it’s obvious the cases weren’t designed to last. Photos of discoloration, warped areas around the buttons, and even scratches appearing on the phone’s back despite the implied protection. Not only is Google’s top accessory for the Pixel 6 not holding up — it’s not even doing what it was made to do.

Of course, when the phones first arrived last fall, we had no idea how these TPE cases would last. Even if it’s not quite as broad a selection as the Galaxy S22, the Pixel 6 has several excellent cases available, capable of withstanding daily use far better than Google’s first-party offering. The only question that remains is whether these third-party accessories are managing to hold up better in day-to-day use.

That’s where this week’s poll comes in. If you’re rocking a Pixel 6, we want to know how your case is holding up, and whether you have Google’s official shell or something from the likes of Spigen and Caseology. Select either first or third-party case from the options below, along with its current condition. If you have multiple boxes, consider the one you use the most.

How’s your Pixel 6 case holding up?

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