Elvis Draws Polarizing Reviews After Cannes Premiere, See What Critics Are Saying About The Biopic

Elvis may have left the building, but he’ll be gyrating into theaters this summer, thanks to director Baz Luhrmann (The Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet). Elvisthe story of one of music’s biggest icons, sees rising star Austin Butler in the title role, with Tom Hanks like we’ve never seen him before playing Elvis Presley’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker. The film debuted at Cannes on May 25, and critics have some pretty strong opinions about what they saw. Despite the reported 12-minute standing ovation and huge praise from the King’s ex-wife, Priscilla Presleythe biopic is receiving some pretty brutal feedback.

The first footage we got from tea Elvis trailer looked stunningand the movie promises to show about 20 years of the musician’s life, from his humble beginnings all the way to his tragic death in 1977. Baz Luhrmann seems to have gotten creative with his storytelling, leading to polarizing reviews from the critics ahead of the film’s theatrical release on June 24. One thing that’s not up for debate, according to Stephanie Zacharek of Time, is the director’s love for his subject. She says:

At times it’s barely a movie—the first hour or so is exceptionally fragmented and frenetic, as if Luhrmann were time-traveling through a holographic rendering of Elvis Presley’s life, dipping and darting through the significant events with little time to touch down. But through all the arty overindulgences, one truth shines through: Luhrmann loves Elvis so much it hurts. And in a world where there’s always, supposedly, a constant stream of new things to love, or at least to binge-watch, love of Elvis—our American pauper king with a cloth-of-gold voice—feels like a truly pure thing .

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