A Pixel 7 Pro was sold on Facebook Marketplace and this dude used it for weeks

Purchased from the same person that tried to sell one on eBay, it’s been remotely disabled now

The Pixel 7 that appeared on eBay wasn’t alone. Apparently, the seller also listed a Pixel 7 Pro for sale on Facebook Marketplace, thinking at the time that it was just a Pixel 6 Pro. One lucky (or unlucky) customer snagged it and has been using the phone for nearly three weeks until it started “acting wild” and was remotely factory reset the morning of the 31st.

The report comes via Reddit and Android Police’s own comments section, where the Pixel 7 Prototype purchaser recounted the short tale of his ownership:

“It’s been working 100% fine the entire time I had it until yesterday morning. It was early about 4:00 something I was getting ready and I saw the screen start flickering and doing weird stuff. The next thing I know I saw it’s saying it was factory data resetting and wiping everything from my phone, so I freaked out and tried to get it out of that but it wasn’t letting me do anything. that screen. I think big G did it.”

Two images were also posted, showing off the back of the Pixel 7 Pro, which matches prior renders, and an image of the phone currently stuck in fastboot mode as a result of the wipe.


The fastboot mode screenshot confirms the Cheetah hardware code name expected to be associated with the Pixel 7 Pro. “EVT” also indicates that the device is an engineering verification test model made to pre-release standards for testing purposes. Google often disguises its EVTs with modified logos, as you can see on the rear of the phone, which shows off a black colorway — presumably, the “Obsidian” Google described at I/O. The baseband version shown in fastboot indicates the previously anticipated Samsung 5300-series modem, and the internal Cloudripper name for the upgraded Tensor chipset is also corroborated.

We know that some hardware details like the display are generally unchanged, but it wasn’t clear if the Pixel 7 Pro would have exactly the same physical design as the prior model. According to the purchaser, the phone fits a Pixel 6 Pro case bought to go with it perfectly. A screen protector for a Pixel 6 Pro also reportedly fit, accommodating even the fingerprint scanner, which is apparently in the same location.

The purchaser of the Pixel 7 Pro prototype says they’ve been in contact with the original seller, who has confirmed that their other units have also been wiped clean. The seller also reportedly wants it back (perhaps under pressure from Google?) but the distance is an impediment.

Google seems to have just barely beaten out the wave of inevitable leaks with its I/O reveal, but plenty still remains to be uncovered as we build up to an anticipated fall launch. For more information, you can check out everything we know about the upcoming Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, and keep an eye out for more coverage soon as the pace of these leaks increases.

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